Friday, April 11, 2008


They called two minute warning
We sat up in our chairs.
Most of us were praying.
All of us were scared.

Talking Heads were in agreement,
He‘d say “Not enough” at best.
No politician would say more than that!
One minute now..or less.

Now Cooper’s at the podium
First few minutes seem like days
We hear the word..."dismissal."
“They are INNOCENT" , he says.”

We’re gasping!!! Then..Nifong is a “rogue.”
We’re euphoric! Now FINALLY
The whole World knows...”what we know!”

The talking heads are reeling
The metanarrative explodes!
Graceless Goslee has a hissy fit.
(Girl can’t stop the venom flow.)

Rita Cosby takes her last shot.
Ole Travis tries one more lie.
And somewhere out in Durhamland,
Widdle Mikey starts to cry.

Rev. Barber tries an end run
The “victim” card gets one more play
Greta calls out the ADA’s
(But will Cline be Durham’s next D.A.?)

Now we see the families
Tears of relief and joy!
Then, exhilarated, exonerated…
FINALLY, the boys!!!!

And so the Frame was fractured
The Rogue would be disbarred
(But the Fed failed in its duty
With villains, unfeathered and untarred.)

But Justice may yet have its day
And Truth may wield its sword…
Some rats still ride the sinking ship
But some have scurried overboard…

But today we pause and celebrate
Three young men …with EVERYTHING ahead
Here’s to dear Collin, Reade and Dave!!!
“Innocent! INNOCENT!!!...he said.

Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Joan Foster, you are the best! Your compassion and insight is so spot on.

Anonymous said...

Great work!

Anonymous said...

Joan Foster ROCKS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's all hope that justice ultimately prevails, and that the perps go to jail.