Friday, July 04, 2008

Defendants file responses in McFadyen et al v. Duke University et al

The Defendants have filed their responses. You may access them at the Justia web site along with all case documents.

Thankfully Sceptical, a loyal Blog Hooligan, has broken them down by defendant so they are easily accessible here.

Motions to Dismiss Filed 7-2-08

Review and discussion is at the LieStoppers Meeting Place

The Durham defendant's motions to dismiss follow this basic pattern, "It wasn't my fault and if it was, I have immunity." So the questions that Durham Councilman Eugene Brown asked on May 31, 2007 are still left unanswered.

One basic question is why did three Durham residents have to go to Raleigh and to the Attorney General's office to get justice?

What was in the collective DNA of some within the Durham Police Department (DPD) that denied the accused justice in our City?

Who was really in charge of investigating this case, the Durham Police or the DA?

Who was driving the train and who was stoking the coal in the fire engine to keep this hoax of an investigation going?

What was the role of the Durham Police Department in creating what the Attorney General deemed a "rush to conviction" but apparently not to justice? WRAL TV

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