Saturday, August 23, 2008

Her Last Dance of Grace

March 25, 2006

Just ten days after she claimed she was brutally raped and sodomized, Crystal threw her body from side to side, spread her legs wide open, bounced up and down, and used the pole for balance as she arched her back so far her hair extensions touched the stage. "She wasn't hurt. She wasn't upset. " Fats recalled. "She was completely normal"

It was a far cry from the traumatized image in the News and Observer article that morning. the video captured this performance, the lap dances she gave afterwards, "It even shows her coming out of the VIP room" said Fats, a stunt that would ultimately get her kicked out of the club.

A crowd of protesters who were gather at a vigil in front of 610 fell to their knees and wept for the poor woman who had been brutal assaulted and damaged for life.

Ironically, Crystal was on her knees at this time, too, but for a much different reason.

After her dance, she wandered into the VIP room searching for the rappers and their entourage. "I walked in and caught her giving some guy a blow job, so I chased her out." said Fats. Police had been keeping a close eye on the club and he didn't want Crystal to jeopardize the business. "She ran out of the room onto the stage to try and dodge me" he said, but it wasn't long before another manager pulled her down and kicked her out of the club.
(page 88-89 It's Not about the Truth)


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Maybe this will be the book cover.

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The whore's memoirs are coming out, so America will get a much needed lesson in false accusers and what they're all about. There are THOUSANDS of Crystal Mangums, and the system is breeding more all the time.