Friday, August 22, 2008

There wasn't anything she didn't lie about..." Joe Cheshire

Click to hear WRAL TV Interview

Attorney Joe Cheshire reacted today upon receiving the news that the False Accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum, is planning to release a book on October 1.

In the lengthy interview Mr. Cheshire explained why that would not be a good idea and why the families choose not to persue her legally for her lies which caused so much damage.


Debrah said...

That was a fabulous interview.

I love Joe Cheshire!

Almost as much as I love The One

But not quite.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how's she's going to spin her tale

Anonymous said...

Wow, NEVER saw this curve coming, somebody call me a doctor!

Anonymous said...

For God's sake, PROSECUTE HER! What is wrong with this country?

On second thought, let her keep embarassing other liars, and the prosecutors who enable them.