Friday, August 15, 2008

Nifong sings the Money Blues

Court responses are due, in the Lacrosse players suit, and I’m busted.
My license is gone, my dog needs a bone and I’m busted.
Thirty five dollars I can’t even pay, they’re trying to take my gee-tar away,
And those lousy kids got a big Duke payday!
But I’m busted.

I thought maybe Lynley could spare me a dime but he’s busted
And Meehan called me from the unemployment line and he’s busted.
Forget about Ashley, things there look bleak
He’s “covering” cabbages on special this week
“Covering for me” didn’t turn out so sweet…
And he’’s busted.

I went to Ron Stephens to ask for some bucks cause I’m busted
My representation’s from “Lawyers-R-Us”…cause I’m busted.
Ronnie said “There ain’t a thing I can do.
But Victoria’s sure got the Big Eye for you
Maybe she’s squirreled away a dinero or two
Cause I’m busted.”

Well, she’s loyal. And I’m broke. Like no bread. I mean NOTHIN’

Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

My heart bleeds for the Fong.

Anonymous said...

Someone send this to the H-S opinion page!

Anonymous said...

What a liar. He has an enormous pension, and his wife makes a bundle. He has the money.

Anonymous said...

we already know he's a liar, he deserves jail time... with a big fat sweaty hairy cellmate who wants a wife-substitute.