Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Zack Greer will enroll and play lacrosse for Bryant University

Inside Lacrosse is reporting.

Former Duke attackman Zack Greer will enroll and play lacrosse for Bryant University for the 2009 season, sources who wish to remain anonymous confirmed with ESPN and Inside Lacrosse’s Quint Kessenich. With the move north, Greer will join former Duke and current Bryant coach Mike Pressler.

A three-time All-American, Greer is the NCAA all-time goals scored leader with 206 career notches. He has led Duke to two national championship appearances, one in ’05 and one in ’07, and a semifinal appearance in ’08. Greer is eligible for one more collegiate year as part of the NCAA’s decision granting an extra year for members of the 2006 Duke men’s lacrosse team. He graduated from Duke this past spring.

Greer will reunite with Mike Pressler for the first time since 2006, when Duke University cut short the men’s lacrosse season and fired Pressler, the Blue Devils coach then, as part of the fallout following a rape allegation that eventually fell apart. Greer, who lost his father, Dan Greer, halfway through his freshman year at Duke, has a strong relationship with coach Pressler....
Inside Lacrosse

LieStoppers wishes Zack Greer good fortune in his endeavor. He is a class act!

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Anonymous said...

Pressler and Greer re-united speaks volumes. Greer is a class act.