Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bryant: The D1 Push

Bryant Coach Mike Pressler and Team Captain "88" Zack Greer at Practice

LaxPower has released a video about Bryant University's Lacrosse team transition to Division I. It tells the story of how Coach Pressler came to Bryant University with commentaries from Mike Pressler, Bryant University President Ron Machtley, Bryant AD Smith, and Bryant's Captain Zack Greer.

President Ron Machtley has stinging criticism of Duke University's Rush to Judgment and how they investigated the Duke Lacrosse Case before hiring Coach Pressler.

This is a coach who had been very badly treated... by the board of trustees, by the school in the things that I think is still missing from Duke is the president and the faculty who took out their ad, taking out an equal ad saying, you know, we made a mistake... I’m very critical of the Duke faculty, of the Duke president, for that very reason. This was not the type of decision which should have been rushed to. The president should not have thrown a coach under the bus in order to stop the whirlwind of publicity that was going around this incident." President Ron Machtley

Watch the Video at LaxPower

HatTip: Professor KC for pointing this out on Durham-In-Wonderland

Special commendations to the Producers of the Video at LaxPower


Anonymous said...

It is important for everyone to watch this LAX video. It encapsulates the view of the atmosphere of the Duke LAX team under Coach Presler that has been so maligned by Duke administrators and their $5 million plus lawyers. It, also, clearly shows how Duke is viewed by prospective students.

It showed be required viewing by each member of the Duke Board of Trustees.

Anonymous said...

Coach is the kind of man you want your son learning from. Brodhead is the kind of man you want them to ignore.