Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sgt. James Regan - We won't Forget

Sgt. James Regan
Army Ranger - Duke Lacrosse
The Ranger Creed
Recognizing that I volunteered as a Ranger, fully knowing the hazards of my chosen profession, I will always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor, and high esprit de corps of my Ranger Regiment.
Acknowledging the fact that a Ranger is a more elite soldier who arrives at the cutting edge of battle by land, sea, or air, I accept the fact that as a Ranger my country expects me to move farther, faster and fight harder than any other soldier.
Never shall I fail my comrades. I will always keep myself mentally alert, physically strong and morally straight and I will shoulder more than my share of the task whatever it may be. One-hundred-percent and then some.
Gallantly will I show the world that I am a specially selected and well-trained soldier. My courtesy to superior officers, neatness of dress and care of equipment shall set the example for others to follow.
Energetically will I meet the enemies of my country. I shall defeat them on the field of battle for I am better trained and will fight with all my might. Surrender is not a Ranger word. I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy and under no circumstances will I ever embarrass my country.
Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude required to fight on to the Ranger objective and complete the mission though I be the lone survivor.

Rangers Lead The Way!

Please review the Arlington Cemetery Web Site Honoring Sgt James Regan


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish that such a lofty creed would be required of those who offer themselves to public office.

At this moment in time, I am deeply concerned that perhaps our Rangers may be more patriotic than our elected officials.

What a fine young man. We owe him a promise that he did not make that sacrifice needlessly.

Anonymous said...

May God bless Sgt Regan, and all of our troops who have, and still are fighting and dieing in this the greatest of hoaxes, the war between who now?
20 years, thousands of souls all over oil and greed. This is not what our troops signed up to fight against. Certainly, not oppression from our own nation. These people are the core of what I call a true "hero" and may we remember them for giving all they had.
IMO Obama needs to concentrate more on them, and the war at home than closing the detainment prisons holding the very people involved in our entire purpose of even going to war.
There are many other "Sgt Regans" out here, and they deserve our respect and prayers as well.
God bless our country and world, these are truly sad times.

Anonymous said...

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