Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Trails to John In Carolina

We met on the Front lines of Melanie’s Blog
While ever the gentleman, John was up to “the job.”
She tried to deter him, she’d ask him to leave
But John ALWAYS had.. “the” response up his sleeve.

And back at his Blog, John was simply the best
At logically calling the Hoaxers to task.
He point out each villain, each twister, each fool.
But at no time whatsoever did John lose his “cool.:”

Among the Hoax bloggers he was ..“Cool Hand Luke”
But relentless in pressing to get at the Truth.
So we shall miss him, and pray he’ll return
(Joan still has a lot about Churchill to learn!)

But we thank him so much for all that he’s done.
Our Comrade, our friend…Carolina’s own John!

Joan Foster

John In Carolina logs off

1 comment:

JWM said...

Dear Joan,

Lincoln said you could fool some of the people all the time.

Smart as you are, it looks like I've fooled you.

Seriously I'll treasure you're words.

I'll also be in touch soon after I shut down JinC.

From first to now you've made a great difference in the fight for justice.


John in Carolina