Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The People of Durham v. Defendant Nifong

With hope that this is just the first of several upcoming trials for Mr. Nifong, it appears that proceedings have begun today in the Court of Public Opinion otherwise known as Durham County, North Carolina.

This afternoon, both Steve Monks and the Committee to Recall Nifong - Vote Cheek declared intentions to challenge Mr. Nifong this fall.

Herald Sun

“Conceding that he desperately needed to boost his name recognition, local Republican Party Chairman Steve Monks ended weeks of speculation Wednesday by saying he will run as an unaffiliated write-in candidate for district attorney in November."
The Committee to Recall Nifong - Vote Cheek filed with the Durham County Board of Elections as a Political Action Committee according to Committee spokesperson Beth Brewer. Mrs. Brewer indicated that a formal statement would be released Monday. The Committee to Recall Nifong - Vote Cheek may be contacted at 919.310.1147 or

At issue in this trial by election will be Mr. Nifong’s conduct over the course of his brief occupation of the District Attorney’s office. Will the jurors known as Durham County registered voters find Mr. Nifong guilty of betraying justice and public trust in this trial by election?

Will these jurors be asked to consider additional charges against Defendant Nifong such as:

1. Placing persecution before investigation
2. Jumping to false conclusions
3. Improper self insertion into lineup procedures
4. Impersonation of a DPD Chief Investigator
5. Conduct unbecoming a District Attorney by temper tantrum and foot stomp
6. Menacing by verbal assault
7. Inciting racial and social division in their community
8. Electioneering
9. Misappropriation of Public Trust
10. Indecent exposure of Durham County to Civil Lawsuits
11. Hijacking the District Attorney‘s office for his own personal fiefdom

Will the voting jurors of Durham County find Mr. Nifong guilty of incompetence?

Will his temper tantrums be introduced as evidence?

We expect that Mr. Nifong’s defense may be, “But I was a really, really adequate assistant DA for long, long time and you should have seen me in traffic court.”

Jury deliberations are expected to conclude on November 7.


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for this day. I am delighted to hear of the formation of this political action committee that will help Durham voters recall Mr. Nifong in a true triumph of democracy over tyranny! Thanks, liestoppers for giving us Anybody But Nifong, and thank Beth Brewer and the other committee members and all the petition signers for giving Durham voters another candidate to their current DA.

Anonymous said...


Maybe Nifong will get HIS day in court after all.

I had started calling Durham the "wait and see" city. It is wonderful to know that there is a group of citizens in Durham that are standing up to Nifong.

Maybe the professional potbangers can find another place and cause to show their disgust.

This is JUSTICE at work.

Best of luck. I'm gehind you 100 percent.

Anonymous said...

With Mr. Neff Release of this information:

To the question: Police were pricing DNA tests on April 4. Nifong’s office filed a motion on court on April 5 asking a judge to order a private lab to conduct further DNA tests because “The tests conducted by the S.B.I. laboratory failed to reveal the presence of semen on swabs from the rape kit or the victim’s underwear.” So, yes, the SBI lab had returned some test results by then.

This means Judge Stephens KNEW that no semen was found by 5 April & it just makes me wonder why he signed those orders & indictments. My goodness, he just signed an order for 46 DNA samples & he didn't ask any questions?

I think Judge Stephens should be asked some serious questions about those orders he signed.

Anonymous said...

Don't look for one fair ruling from a Durham Judge.

If you don't love Number 11, then you don't know jack about this case:

11. Hijacking the District Attorney‘s office for his own personal fiefdom

Don't you hate when that happens?

Anonymous said...

Nifungus is out of control.

Call in the Feds, the guy is using his positions to commit crimes.

I would think he would welcome an investigation.

Anonymous said...

A call to action. This post from Free Republic is from 07/31/2006, and it still applies--

This is an appeal to readers here who are residents of Durham County and who are outraged (as I am) at the behavior of Mike Nifong as Durham's District Attorney.

The events of last week turned November's election from an uncontested election for Nifong into a recall election for Mr. Nifong. Lewis Cheek, and our own signatures on the petitions which got his name on the ballot, have given us an opportunity to vote for Cheek and Elect Anybody But Nifong.

The Cheek campaign committee and doubtless many others in the county are looking to see how the public reacts to the two press conferences last week.

I ask that you join me as Durham residents to seize the day to better our justice system by writing letters to the editors of the HeraldSun and the News & Observer, giving all the good reasons why you are voting for Lewis Cheek to elect Anybody But Nifong. Be sure to identify yourself as a Durham resident.

If you would like help composing your letter, please email
HeraldSun: Letters are limited to 250 words.

You can email or use the form provided at the link below. If you email, be sure to visit the website listed to see what information the H/S requires in an email submission. email: You can also use the H/S form at:

News & Observer:

Letters are limited to 200 words. A form is provided at:

Mr. Nifong has asked for a Durham solution. Please help get this campaign off the ground to ensure a solution that is good for Durham.

Stay tuned for updates, and thanks to all of you for considering my request.

ME said...

LieStopper Readers,

With a post today at the N&O The Editor's Blog, I pointed readers to current Duke Lax case letters to the editor in the Herald-Sun and the N&O. A couple of the letters have a touch of humor. I reprint below for you:


It’s always interesting to gauge public opinion on all things Duke Lax case related by review of letters to the editor. Of course, since the good citizens of Durham apparently can’t find the N&O offices way over here in Raleigh, it’s best to look at the letters in the Herald-Sun.

In the online edition of the H-S today we have an on-point missive penned by widely quoted historian and blogger KC Johnson. Mr. Johnson castigates DA Nifong for his repeated failures to fulfill his responsibilities as the Durham “minister of justice.” Mr. Johnson reminds readers of DA Nifong’s most recent misspeak with: “Your Aug. 1 editorial commended D.A. Mike Nifong for stating, "I have not backed off from my initial assessment of the case." This remark deserves scorn, not praise.”

Johnson continues: “First of all, Nifong's claim is untrue. He went public with his initial assessment of the case on March 27. He deemed DNA evidence so vital that he secured a court order to obtain samples from 46 white lacrosse players, promising that negative tests would "immediately rule out any innocent persons." But after the tests produced no matches, Nifong changed his assessment entirely, expressing comfort with the "good old-fashioned way" of witness testimony without DNA corroboration.”

Also, another writer pens a letter titled “Brodhead Has Refused To Accept Responsibility.” That pretty much say it all but the letter did include this: “He [Broadhead] could have deliberately preserved his options as events unfolded until there was more certainty. Instead, he bought into District Attorney Mike Nifong's self-serving story and yielded to the exaggerated cry of a strident minority of the faculty that this team was out of control. In a knee-jerk rush to judgment, he suspended player Ryan McFayden, canceled the season and fired Coach Mike Pressler, clearly choosing political expediency over reasoned adjudication.”

And a reader reminds us of that “incident in Raleigh” when discussing incidents of Durham police brutality. Another reader says that despite so many articles and opinions that Durham Police Chief Chalmers is invisible, the reader knows that can’t be true because the reader actually experienced a Chief Chalmers sighting.

And finally at the H-S, a writer extends kudos to Durham Animal Control board member Mike Nifong. I guess that writer hasn’t heard about animal lover Nifong’s most recent hissy fit and his threat to quit the Animal Control board.

(Possible??) Animal Control board member Nifong’s most recent hissy fit did not pass unnoticed by a letter writer to the N&O editor however, where the writer says: “Maturity Required -- The article you published about Mike Nifong's potential resignation from the Animal Control Committee confirms that Nifong lacks the maturity to hold a public office with as much influence as district attorney. Mature adults recognize that they might have to work both with people who respect them and those who don't. Public servants, in particular, have to be able to work with all kinds, many of whom may be on the opposite side of the fence. And getting respect requires giving respect.”

All this and more now at: