Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Duke & Durham's Discovery Response - Oh Noooo!

Lawyers for Duke, Durham and other defendants filed responses yesterday to the players' motion for a mandatory discovery conference. Duke Lawsuit

Duke's response

Durham's response

Quasimodo, Senior Blog Hooligan, summed up their responses,

The defendants don't need to submit to discovery now because:

1) The Judge doesn't HAVE to agree to permit discovery now;

2 ) If the motion to dismiss succeeds (or succeeds for some of the defendants), discovery now would be a waste of time and effort;

3 ) Mike Nifong might be added to the defendants (which might necessitate redoing discovery);

4 ) Some of the defendants might be found to be immune (and so discovery in their case would be a waste of effort);

5 ) There is no reason not to trust Durham with the preservation of records. . . Quasi

No word was heard about Sergant Gottlieb's Dry EZ Erase Board .


gak said...

I am curious to know when this will be ruled on. Does anybody know when the dismisal motions will be ruled on?

Anonymous said...

You missed the part where the defendants say "We don't have to because we're bigger than you are"