Monday, June 16, 2008

So, Mikey, here’s to memories,… savor them tonight

Mikey, here’s an album… for your anniversary.
We want you just to savor… every precious memory.
Here’s you lying to the audience… when you knew that you had squat.
Here’s that famous chokehold…wow! You thought that you were hot!

Here’s you smirking in the courtroom….”so confident”, they swooned
Here’s you when Meehan testified, Lord! That’s the face of doom.
Here’s you and Cy on swear-in day , and your poor embarrassed son
Had to lie and sneak in…your “glory days” were done.

Here’s you crying in the witness stand when the Bar bid you adieu
Here’s to all the pity that you had…at last…for YOU!
Here’s you marching to your jail cell, just a broken, stupid fool
Disbarred, disgraced, and dissed, dissed, dissed…yeah, turnabout is cool.

So, Mikey, here’s to memories,… savor them tonight
You had so many chances, hope the memories REALLY bite.
Your name is now a slam word…you’re an insult , you’re a joke.
Happy Anniversary, Mikey….now we’re gonna go for BROKE!

Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

What a beat down this guy has received! He deserves every bit of it.

Anonymous said...

No matter what happens, he'll always lead a comfortable life. Nifong will never truly be held accountable for what he did to the victims, or for the dishonor he's caused the legal system.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Joan!

9:24 Hopefully Nifong will be held accountable in civil court -- however, he'll never be held accountable in his own mind.